About Us

About Us

Imvusa Debt Help is a Lead Provider for Less Debt registered with the National Credit Regulator nr NCRDC3041 & DCSA number 0765.



A 5 Step process to ensure that you are legally protected against creditors and helping you keep what you have worked for.



The main purpose of the National Credit Act (NCA) is to help the over-indebted consumers. Debt Counselling immediately protects you.

Debt Help for South Africans - Imvusa Debt Help

In 2007 the National Credit Act formally introduced Debt Counsellors, to assist over-indebted South Africans with the opportunity to apply for Debt Review. Debt Counselling is now regarded as the primary DEBT RELIEF measure available to financially stretched consumers.

Debt counselling if FORCED onto creditors by the National Credit Act 34 of 2005, and THEY CANNOT REFUSE IT, if you make an acceptable offer.

You can include ALL CREDIT AGREEMENTS: Home Loans, Vehicle Finance, Credit Cards, Bank Overdrafts, Personal Loans, Micro Loans, Furniture Accounts, Clothing Accounts, Money Owed to Attorneys or Debt Collectors ect

There is NO LIMIT to the amount of DEBT you can include under debt counselling – it does not matter how small or big the amount is.



  • When you receive letters, notices and phone calls from creditors and lawyers because of arrears on your instalments.
  • When you borrow on a regular basis.
  • When your loan application was declined due to affordability.
  • When you are using a credit card or retail store card to buy groceries or to pay other basic living costs, debt and other instalments.


  • Debt Review will LEGALLY PROTECT YOU against creditors.
  • Debt Review can offer you IMMEDIATE DEBT RELIEF.
  • You pay one affordable monthly repayment.
  • Debt Review can reduce your bond 20%, your vehicle 30% and your other DEBT to 50% of the currently monthly installment.